Our Services (under construction)

In our 150th anniversary year of the congregation we have installed a new sound system. This enables us to record our services so that we may be able to make them available through this site. Services for at least one month at a time will be made available.

We are new at this and so all the recordings will not be as perfect as those done by professionals. However, we think it will be fantastic to make them available to those who have been unable to attend services in person.

If you have missed a service, please email us at stpaulspcevents@gmail.com, and we will make the arrangements to get it to you (providing we have that service recorded).

The recordings commence with the Back to St Paul's Day service on 5 May 2013. 

Go to Google Drive to download MAC files - m4a

Go to Google Drive to download PC files - mp3

When you follow this link, you will be taken to the Google Drive site, click dowload/open and the file can be downloaded/opened on your computer or smart phone. Depending on whether you are using a MAC, PC or smart phone you may have to choose 'Download' more than once as Google Drive attempts to scan the file for viruses.

Although all reasonable attempts are made to ensure the files provided here have no viruses, and to download the file you will need to say 'Download anyway', we cannot accept responsibility for any consequences of such a download on your PC, MAC or smart phone.

Please note that all the files are large in size, ranging from 20Mb to 150Mb. The average is 60Mb.

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