Saturday, 30 June 2012

Fascinating 150 Facts

Did you know.....

The first church building for St Paul's congregation was at the corner of Queen and Creek Streets

The original plans for the current church building included stables at the rear for horses and buggies

One of the early customs of parishioners was 'renting a seat'

The organ was originally positioned in the apse, behind the pulpit

Rev. Ron Pashen was the longest serving minister (31yrs) and 'home' was the Manse beside the church

Warship is often enriched by the Sunday School teachers and young people using their musical gifts

The next major project of the Restoration Trust is remedial work on the bell tower

Each Tuesday morning the Drop in Centre minister to the under-privileged in the area by providing Christian fellowship along with morning tea and lunch

St Paul's Care Group provides comfort, support and practical help for members who are ill, aged or have other needs

Monday, 7 May 2012

Logo for the 150th

Early 2012, the committee agreed to a dynamic family and congregationally oriented logo that depicts the combination of the church building and its family - the people!

Check it out....we love it!

If you love it as much as we do you may be interested in our souvenir items.

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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Planning for 150th Birthday

St Paul’s Sesquicentenary 
150 years of Ministry

To be celebrated over the twelve months leading up to the 
Anniversary Service on 18th August 2013
in recognition of 150 years since the formation of the first congregation.

May 2012, the story so far ……..
A Steering Committee from within the congregation has been at work since September 2011. One of their first aims was to create a focus statement - one that recognises the achievements of the past, the life of the congregation in more recent times and importantly, a vision for the future of God’s people at St Paul’s.

St Paul’s Presbyterian Congregation, celebrating 150 years of God’s providence - 
then, now, and to come.

Much brainstorming of ideas led to the development of an exciting and varied program of activities, services and events for the twelve months from Anniversary Sunday this year to Anniversary Sunday next year on 18 August.

Currently …….
Small sub groups are focusing on their specific area of responsibility such as Ministry and special services, Youth, Events (including Music and Praise, Fun, Fellowship and Feasting), Historical, Souvenirs, Funding, Publicity and Wider Community. 

Looking forward …….
A pictorial calendar is being prepared listing the sesquicentennial events. Updates and amendments will appear on our website, and in our Church News. The celebrations begin with a Harvest Festival this year at 9:30am on 19 August, and the opportunity to share some of our bounty with those in need. In October, the Wedding Spectacular fundraiser will feature a parade of gowns of yesteryear, to the strains of organ, trumpet and choir, followed by High Tea.

Plans are also coming together for Fellowship Teas, Young People’s Outreach, Kirkin’ of the Tartan, Floral Art Workshop, Cathedrals’ Week, ‘Kirk on the Hill’ Quilting Challenge, Historical Walks, Displays and more.

Help needed ……
Having laid the foundations, the Steering Committee is now keen for the congregation to become involved and supportive. Spread the word, make contact with your networks, volunteer for tasks - big or small - but also pray that this vision becomes a reality, making this a worthy celebration for such a significant milestone.

What an exciting year it’s going to be! All praise to our God!