Saturday, 17 November 2012

17 November 2012, Men's and talk

Meet at the Men's Shed
9am - 11am

Tool talk!
Crafty creations!
Manipulating machines!
Meet the Master craftsman!

The relaxed band of men from St Paul’s expressed their sincere thanks to Graham, Janelle and the team from the STAFFORD BAPTIST MEN’S SHED for their generous spirit in hosting the morning especially for us and sharing a relaxed time of Christian fellowship.

Boys’ Toys at the Men’s Shed

While the lathes and wheels were a turning
The men watched on eagle eyed
Not a finger was lost, nor a cut sustained
And goggles protected the eyes.

From a chunk of wood a bowl was fashioned
The craftsman’s skill was on show
This was the cue to reflect on the Word
Of the Master Craftsman we’ve come to know.

‘The Touch of the Master’s Hand’ was narrated
To music on piano and violin.
And the call was put out to keep our hands busy
Using the talents that God has given.

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